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Research & Development Officer




About the job

Job description

Serious and organised crime is one of the gravest threats to the UK’s national security. The National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) is the UK lead for tackling the threat from cybercrime. For the first time, the UK has a single Unit with the responsibility and capability to lead the overall response, coordinate activity across a range of partners and provide specialist cyber support and expertise across law enforcement. As an NCA officer, you can make a difference. We are currently looking to recruit a G5 Research & Development Officer to join the NCCU.

The successful candidate will be responsible for responding to critical incidents and crimes in progress in a technical investigative and advisory function. You will also develop specialised skill sets in order to become the subject matter expert in cyber-related areas. The ideal candidate will have a knowledge of programming languages (e.g. Python, Java or shell scripting) and networking, as well as a familiarity with reverse engineering techniques or experience with cryptanalysis. You will also be creative and have innovative problem solving and research skills.

If you want to make the UK a safer place, apply today.