Department Financial Administrator

Part time
£25-27,500 p/r +bens
Locationlondon Calendar12/01/2018   Part time £25-27,500 p/r +bens

Part Time - 25 Hours Per Week!


Job title:  Department financial administrator.


Department:  London Residential Development.


Specifically the Res Dev Sales department, a team of c.100 people and turnover of c.£17.5m.


Raise between 1,000 and 1,500 sales invoices per annum.


Key tasks and responsibilities:


Responsible for the London Residential Development teams billings schedule:

- Enter all reservations, exchanges and completions on to the relevant billing schedule.

- Ensure sales statistics and other KPI’s are accurate and maintained daily.

- Enter invoice details.

- Visit the Canary Wharf office once per week to provide financial support.


London Residential Development teams billings (sales ledger):

- Raise all fee and disbursement invoices at the appropriate time and forward to clients.

- Establish relationships with client contacts to ensure invoices are agreed and paid in a timely manner.

- Process all purchase ledger invoices including Joint Agent fee shares.

- Record departmental fee shares.

- Raise credit notes as necessary.

- Liaise with our Cambridge accounts department re: all invoicing/debtor/joint agent/fee share queries.


International billings:

- Provide international offices with a detailed breakdown of their fees due for overseas exhibition deals to ensure accuracy of the invoices we receive.

- Raise invoices for international sales fee due (ensuring that all joint agent fees are correctly recorded) and forward to clients.

- Raise disbursement invoices for all international exhibition costs incurred.

- Liaise with Cambridge accounts department to track payments ensuring that International offices are paid when we are in receipt of funds.

- Process all international joint agent fee and marketing invoices.

- Liaise with international offices in relation to any joint agent fees/exhibition costs queries.

- Provide international offices with a breakdown/confirmation of all payments received into their accounts.