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Customer Services Diploma

These days more companies are looking for members who have outstanding customer service skills. More clients are focusing on the service they receive and are demanding that companies around the world provide them with better service on a daily basis.


Introduction to the Customer Services Diploma


This information packed course gives you the skills you need to provide your clients with a higher level of service whether you are dealing with them face to face, over the phone or online.


The course comprises of eleven modules bursting with information which take around ten hours to complete. You get to study at your own place and where you feel most comfortable, as long as you have access to the internet. The modules are accessible on all devices from PC's to laptops and tablets to mobile phones, giving you the convenience of studying from anywhere at any time.


During your studies you will have access to guidance and support from our expert tutors. Further, this course is IVCAS approved, to give you complete peace of mind that you are completing an industry recognized diploma.


What You Will Learn

This course comprises of eleven information packed modules, these include:


  • Get an oversight of customer service from what it is to the different types to why it is so important for you, your client and your business moving forward.
  • Understand your customers, find your niche and get a firm understand of consumer rights law in the United Kingdom.
  • Make a great first impressions, learn how positive attitude, dress and body language effects how you are perceived.
  • Learn how to care for your customer's needs from seeing customer service from their perspective to the importance of communication.
  • Get insight into how to retain your customers. Learn how to effectively deal with complaints, provide an outstanding after sales service and what you need to do in the case that the customer is wrong.
  • Learn about the importance of face to face customer service. This module will teach you the importance of a positive first impression and how body language will play a role in the service you provide and how your service is perceived.
  • Get a firm understanding of telephone customer service complete with eleven tips to improve your customer services levels over the phone. This module will also provide valuable insight into telephone etiquette.
  • Understand the importance of electronic customer service. The do's and don'ts and tips on providing effective service electronically in a world where everyone relies on the internet on a daily basis.
  • The course will teach you how to deal with difficult customers, how to diffuse anger, how to control your own emotions and how keeping calm can solve the problem that bit faster.
  • Learn to deal with escalation to improve service levels. This module covers handling abusive clients, handling physical threats and how not to cave to the clients demands.
  • Learn how to make a good impression at all times by offering the best customer service and recapping the skills you have learned to ensure you can incorporate them into your daily duties without delay.


Benefits of the Customer Services Diploma

Customer services has become essential for all employees in all industries. It doesn't matter what industry you are working in right now, having a customer services diploma behind you can give you the knowledge and insight you need to provide your clients with a service that they expect and deserve, ensuring you help your business grow daily.


Company owners are seeing the benefit of sending their teams for customer services training. Company owners see more enquiries convert to sales, happier customers and happier team members.


The benefits of a customer services diploma is endless, but here are some you can take note of right way:


  • You will learn how to exceed your customers expectations.
  • You will learn how to be courteous and helpful to each client you come in contact with.
  • Your motivation levels will increase as you see your clients become more comfortable with you and the service you provide.
  • Learn essential problem solving skills you can use daily.
  • See your confidence soar as you get more comfortable with dealing with customers face to face, over the phone and online.


Course Modules/Lessons

Module 1: Understanding Customer Services

What customer service is

About the different types of customer service

About customer service terminology

Why customer service is so important


Module 2 : The Customer

Who the customer is

About consumer rights law in the UK

The difference between internal and external customers

How to find your niche within the industry


Module 3 : Attitude Is Everything

How to make a great first impression

Why getting your clothing right is essential to the image you wish to convey

How body language effects the way you are perceived

About the power of a positive attitude


Module 4 : Caring For Your Customer’s Needs

About the client’s perspective of customer service

How to best meet a customer’s needs

How exceed customer expectations

Why communication is key to caring for a customer


Module 5 : Customer Retention: How to Get Them Back

How to provide an effective after sales service

What to do when the customer is wrong

How to listen to and effectively deal with complaints

Why you need to show empathy with a complaining customer


Module 6 : Face to Face Customer Service

How to create a positive first impression

How to use your body language to communicate effectively

About other forms of non-verbal communication

How talking down your competition can have a negative effect on your image


Module 7 : Telephone Customer Service

About telephone etiquette

The advantages and disadvantages of telephone customer service

11 Tips for providing better telephone customer service

Why an efficient employee will take pre-emptive measures to improve customer satisfaction


Module 8 : Electronic Customer Service

The advantages and disadvantages of electronic customer service

What “Netiquette” is

The do’s and don’ts of sending emails

How to provide effective customer service electronically


Module 9 : Rescuing Difficult Customers

How to diffuse anger

Why keeping a calm demeanour will help solve issues faster

How to control you emotions

Why you should deal with a customers anger before solving their problem


Module 10 : Escalation

How to handle abusive customers

Why you shouldn’t cave in to unreasonable demands

When you should tell a customer “enough is enough”

How to handle physical threats


Module 11 : Make an Impression Every Time

How to retain customers through best service

Why your focus should also be on creating as uncomplicated and simple an experience as possible

Why any effective and talented customer service professional will have the ability to convince others of their opinion

A recap of the skills you need for customer service jobs


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